Monday, November 14, 2016

Gift Ideas

Do you have a friend that is hard to buy for? Do they drink alcohol or wine? If so, This is a great idea for all of those people in your life. It's also what most of my friends are receiving from me this year.
To accomplish this look you need a permanent spray adhesive, painters tape, glitter, paint brush, a little bling and I used Golden brand gloss medium to seal the final product.
Step One: Mask off the labels with painters tape
Step Two: Take bottle outside and spray with permanent adhesive
Step Three: Cover with Glitter, wait 15 minutes
Step Four: Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for at total of 3 coats of spray and glitter, waiting 15 min between each coat.
Step Five: Remove the tape from around the labels, wait 30min-1hour
Step Six: after you let it dry, it's time to seal, take a paint brush and cover the bottle in a thin but solid coat of your medium. Allow to dry about 1 hour
Step Seven: Apply your bling of choice if any and you are DONE!

This gives you big bang for your buck! Plus if you are really good friends, you can drink it together!

Halloween Cards and Scraplifting!

You know sometimes I draw a complete blank when I get into my craft room. It's those times when I look to various other blogs and youtube for ideas. Occasionally I find something I love so much I have to scraplift them, meaning make something very similar or even exactly like what I found online. That's where the inspiration for these cards came from. I found these on Vicky Papaioannou youtube channel. If you don't follow her you really should. She has great ideas!