Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sending love your way

This stamp is from the Stampin Up set called "Ain't Love Grand" I had pretty much laid the card out when I realized that the blue paper on the bottom was taking up too much attention and needed to be broken up. My first thought was to put a strip of red paper across the middle. Then I remembered I had this ribbon. I really feel like it fits in perfectly. I used some Sakura gel pens to color in the balloon. If you have those pens then you will know what I mean when I say this card sparkles. I also used the red metallic pen on the hearts so they could be sparkly too. This is just a basic A2 size card I folded it so that it opens to the side and is long instead of tall. It needed the room. When I tilted the balloon section I thought it gave it a really good effect. As was mentioned on facebook it looks like it's in the wind. The stamp itself has a nice lean but I think it looked better with the paper tilted. I handed the card to Mike and he decided I must be tired since I put that piece on there crooked. LOL.

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